Warehouses in the port, the focal point of this exhibition at the Museum of Menorca from 2.July.2021 to 17.April.2022, is a painting that depicts everyday life on the eastern docks of the port of Maó. The view of an unknown painter -highly observant of this world and historical period- makes this piece a genuine historical discourse. The painting serves as a transverse vision of the history, society, art and culture of mid-19th century Menorca.

What the
specialists say


Miquel Àngel Casasnovas
Professor and historian

"In a period of great and drastic changes in the economy, the wheat crisis was the final blow for Maó’s merchant marine."

Toni Arcas
Painter and Teacher at the Escola d'Art de Menorca school centre

"The painter’s great technical skill can be appreciated in the many miniscule details applied with fluid and confident brush strokes."

Cristina Andreu
Art Department, Museum of Menorca

"The painting’s origins stem from a house located in the Esplanade of Maó, once property of Alexandre Basilini."

Octavio Pons
Archaeology Department, Museum of Menorca

"Alexandre Basilini gained his wealth through wheat trade with Algeria and Tunisia."

The exhibition

2 JULY 2021 – 17 APRIL 2022

Pla des Monestir
07701 - Maó (Menorca)
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What the specialists say
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